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Depending on how your baseboard was done you could "easily" pop that off to run cables around a room. They usually leave a 1/2" from the floor with drywall so you have a nice conduit built in for a couple of cables. For a switch I personally like the linksys/cisco small business line, something like this; - Buy Cisco 16 Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Switch (SR2016) - CISCO - SR2016T-NA - in Canada

As for wireless you may want to plan/look at running your router with another AP extending your range for the weak areas. I don't know what to suggest for a residential setup though sorry. But it would fix any coverage areas. There is ways to run private and public APs on the same hardware as well, that would allow you to control your tenant, friends, and family access. Someone else can confirm this but I think DD-WRT routers can do this(sorry I setup commercial setups, small setups elude me).
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