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Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
There is product to do this.... Raceways, Cable Trays and Conduit for Safe Cable Runs

Buy a 5 port switch and plug your wall outlet and all your toys into it. It'll work perfectly. Only "problem" is that everything in your room will share the bandwidth of a gigabit link.... which will not be a problem.

I would get something like the Asus RT-N16. It's got external antennas so you should be able to put high gain ones on and get your range up. I would start with just leaving the wireless router on the third floor with all the other equipment and see how it goes from there. You might have to lay the antennas flat. You'll have to experiment.....

Buy a switch with 2 or 3 more ports than you have wires. You'll need at least 1 extra for the uplink.

You plug the modem into the router, then port 1 of the router goes to the last port of the switch. Then plug all other wires into the switch. Done deal.

Are you saying that you want him off your network? Or just off your other wireless access point?

There are 2 ways to do this, wired or wireless. Wireless would work with the WRT54L that you're talking about. Put it in the basement and load something like DD-WRT firmware on it and then turn all routing off for the router. Run a wire from the WAN port of the router to one of the ports on your switch on the third floor.

The wired method would require you to get a "smart" or semi-managed switch (for the 3rd floor switch) and create VLANs.

If you want him off your network entirely but still have access to your internet connection then you're going to need a switch that does VLANs, I think.
Thanks a lot for the tip and especially at this time of the day. :)

I think there are 10 rooms with a Cat 5 cable going inside. What's a good performance switch for this task?

What I want is to utilize the wired network for only the second and third floor as that's where my family will be living. I'll just unplug the network cables from the basement away from the switch. Then I'll cover it up with an empty faceplate.

Then I want to create two wireless network. The dual band routers/repeaters will be for the second and third floors. This is where friends and family will use. The tenants in the basement will use the Linksys WRT54L. I already have DD-WRT installed on it. Someone even said that if I create a second wireless network, I can then use DD-WRT to not only monitor what they're doing on their wireless network, but also slow them down should they decide to go crazy on the bandwidth. Is this true? If so, how do I integrate the Linksys WRT54L into my setup? The big problem is that the terminal is on the third floor and I need the Linksys WRT54L in the basement to ensure that there is excellent coverage in the basement area.

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