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Originally Posted by BrainEater View Post
Yep thats what I thought....

Is it possible to 'save' a work unit ? I.E. have the exact same unit for benching ?
Yep it's possible, although it's easier to do it for console clients:
Configure the client to ignore deadlines, i.e. answer YES to the prompt in the config:
Ignore any deadline information (mainly useful if system clock frequently has errors) (no/yes)
That will prevent the client from timing out if you try to run the work unit after the deadline.

You'll also want to make sure the client doesn't connect to the Internet, so you don't upload multiple copies of the WU.

After reconfiguring, make sure the F@H client and core are closed, then make a backup copy of the entire F@H folder containing the work unit you want to save. For the sake of the project, you'll want to finish the work unit from the "original" copy of your F@H folder.

You can then restore copies of that backup and run them, and it will be the same WU, and it will start from the same % complete as when you made the backup. Note that you'll want to benchmark based on time per frame and not PPD, because your points count will be messed up because it will be calculated off the deadline of the work unit.
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