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I have now disabled C3/C6.
I tried memory on 'Turbo', got a pretty instant BSOD.
I am messing around with LLC settings, trying to get a lower idle reading. If you will recall from above, I was
vcore set @ 1.435, LLC 5, bios reports vcore 1.488, CPUz 1.58,5 reports idle 1.476, load 1.428

I have changed to
vcore set @ 1.355, LLC 8, bios reports THE SAME vcore 1.488 (which I find very strange), CPUz reports idle 1.404/1.416, load 1.428. There are some strange things going on with voltage and/or voltage reporting. Some users have reported that CPUz is not reporting correct SB voltages, so I installed Gigabyte's EasyTune 6 just to look at its HW monitor. It shows the same vcore at the same time as CPUz.
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