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My System Specs


@ni3 you said, "If done properly (which isn't hard), with an H80, an overclock of 3.8Ghz, is a safe minimum, and a good speed for beginners?"

All I have to say is don't use Turbo. I have read a lot and still not enough on overclocking and the one thing that has come clear to me is unless your trying to save energy, Don't use turbo. I have herd to many horror stories of people burning up their new extreme core's by using that darn turbo. At least when overclocking, disable it. And after that if you have good temps (20-45) its safe to say "enable Turbo boost". But I leave mine disabled cause energy is no concern, (meaning you let the turbo give you the boost when you need it which equals more watts and higher electric bill). I would turn it off and then get what you can out of it.
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