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What about the evga ftw p67 or z68? Cause I might consider going crossfire and i also got a Sound Blaster x-fi fatal1ty titanium and the asus maximus gene is too small of a mobo..
if i ever go cf then the 2nd card would block the pciE x 4 slot at the bottom that i would be using for my sound card..
i would go for the asus pro but i would want my whole rig to be red and black.. Ive been monitoring the evga mobos at ebay and a lot are being sold at $140-180 so if i see one around that price should i grab it?
i really dont know the difference between a p67 or z68. and again thanks for the help guys. i'm a newbie when it comes to picking pc parts..
i'm just into gaming/video editing so much that's why im buidling a almost high end pc

oh and i posted the wrong RAM.. im only gettin 8G.. i really dont think i'll EVER get to a point where i'll need 16G
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