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Default A request from a good friend that you know quite well

I'm again tjhat french hoping really to redo the Black Ops perfomance review for SERIOUS REASONS!! PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME TO READ THIS:
Hello Linus I have some (actually a lot) complaining about your Perfomance review in Call of duty Black Ops:
1-you weren't running in a CPU bottleneck
2-The cards, that you took are fully capable of running this game at 60fps stable
3-Please you were using the Core i7 875k which i think that can bottleneck (this time really) some decent GPU SLI configs
Anyway here where i press the trigger:Prepare yourself (some rock music) Black Ops is by default set to not go over 90fps.A friend of mine has a GTX590 (slower than 2 580s) and he gets 230 fps with no VSYNC with max FPS set to 1000
Linus i'm one of your bigget fans and i which i can see you one day IRL and thank you for all the job that you do for us,AND that's why i'm getting your attention to hopefully redo the review with the 2600k (to avoid any CPU bottleneck)
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