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Thank you for posting my question in here and recommending me this site :)

And I forgot to add that i will also be upgrading my RAM to
"Corsair 16GB Vengeance1600mhz"
and PSU to
"Ultra U12-40841 X4 Gold Edition Modular Power Supply 1000W"

I will also be gettin a SSD but i couldnt decide which one yet.

I got a 22" Viewsonic Vx2250 Monitor
Cyborg R.A.T 5 Gaming Mous
Cyborg V7 Gaming keyboard

I have doubts if I'll go liquid cooling again.. I had liquid cooling when i first made this rig and last month it leaked and burned my Palit Gtx 560 ti Sonic and now my motherboard is faulty probably because of water damage. Booting is now longer that it used to be and at start up it seems like the computer is really slow. I'll have to wait for about 5 mins so it'll function properly.
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