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Default Water cooling - What parts are required?

This is a question from Xeonsteel08:

I first would like to say thanks for all your videos, they have been a tremendous help with understanding a lot about computers. I really hope you keep making videos, and that your life is enjoyable.

Now that, that's out of the way I'd like to see if you would have time to answer a question. I'm building a rig an expensive one. It's the new sandy bridge platform, with 2 gtx 580's the hydro editions, with a level 10 gt SE case. I need to water cool the cpu and the gfx cards. So my question is what are a list of parts you would recommend that would fit with this case? If you don't have time to find compatible parts for me, maybe instead you could make a list of just the parts I will need, as I don't know much about everything I'll need, and I'd hate to be missing something.

Hopefully you have time to answer, but if not thanks for the videos and unboxings.
There are guys here on the forum who are more caught up on waht's kewl in water cooling these days than I am, so I'll leave the actual parts recommendations to them, but here's what you'll need:

1. A case that is water cooling friendly. So far the only one that REALLY gets my 100% unreserved recommendation is the 800D from Corsair

2. LOTS of patience. A slow, careful water cooling build is NOT going to leak. A rushed/excited one WILL.

3. CPU block, GPU blocks (full cover recommended), pump, reservoir, tubing, coolant (distilled water recommended with Primoflex LRT tubing. Then you don't need any additives), fittings/clamps
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