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He he awesome I say!

BF3 Beta Cheaters - Report Here
Hey Everyone,

We've been hearing your concerns about people cheating in the beta..

While the final retail version of Battlefield 3 will feature a number of anti-cheating measures, these features are not in place for the Beta.

To counteract cheating in the meantime we are creating this official thread where you can come an report users you suspect of foul play.

Please DO NOT post anything aside from usernames. We appreciate your feedback, but in order to ensure this thread is as actionable as possible non-name posts will be deleted.

Please DO include a link to their profile.

Please DO use your browser's search function to avoid re-posting. Repeating names will not result in faster banning.

Please note that simply reporting a name does not mean that it will be banned. We have ways of looking into this!

The hammer will fall swiftly and accurately

Battlelog / Sign in to the Open Beta
Ha ha ppl are going to be in for a surprize when they fire up the final game and get a "you have been banned " message.

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