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Default Will my GTX 560 Ti SLI setup benefit from a dedicated PhysX card?

This is a question from hadin101:

Hello there! I've been trying to do some research but i really havent been able to find any real answers to if a dedicated physx card would improve the performance of my 560 ti sli set up. Ive read maybe one post on a forum saying that with my set up i really wouldnt benefit from a dedicated physx. I was thinking maybe a gts450 or a gtx460 not really sure what would be best or if there is another card that would be better suited for my set up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
It depends on the games you play more than anything else, but for most games your GTX 560 Ti setup should have enough horsepower left over to run PhysX calculations on one of the cards. If you really find it getting bogged down (and turning PhysX off helps) then a 460 or something might not be a bad addition.

Personally I think it's usually more sensible to upgrade the overall graphics platform rather than just throwing more cards at the problem though.
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