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Default What motherboard for a 2600K and 6970? Budget of $300

This is a question from jaetot328:

I was wondering what good motherboard should I use? i got a
i7 2600k
radeon 6970 (might cf/tri-cf in a few months),
kingston hyper x 4g(2x2) 1866mhz
coolermaster v6GT cpu cooler
SoundBlaster XFi Fatal1ty
Xtreme Gear 950W PSU
In Win Dragon Rider (will prolly change to Coolermaster Haf X)

I might also OC in the future.. my budget is $300.. I just cant decide which motherboard is good coz a lot of the customer reviews are confusing me. I was looking at the asus sabertooth but it only has 2 pciie 3.0 so i cant tri-cf.. i was also looking at the evga ftw p67 extended mobo.. But i cant see much reviews on amazon and newegg so I aint sure if its good or not.. I'm also looking at the ASUS Maximus IV.. i heard you can get it cheaper at ebay.. ohhh and I'm looking for a mobo that is black and red or just black colored.. I would really appreciate if you could recommend me something.. thanks
Really it's hard to go wrong with anything from the big three (ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte). I think your motherboard budget is too high though. I wouldn't even consider spending $300 on a motherboard for a mid-range platform (especially with LGA2011 around the corner).

At this point you should be getting a Z68 board though for the additional features. The P8Z68-V is very popular around here.
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