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My System Specs


Can you get me a killer deal on one of their latest 4 monitor cards?

Going the separate video cards route is the best way if you want to really want to optimize the "main" for gaming. But it also introduces other issues especially if they are not the same manufacturer. You will need to install drivers for both cards and that can lead to weirdness.

I had a Matrox PCI card (G450 maybe?) in a PC with a nVidia 6800 and they gave me problems. The Matrox desktop software, which I forget what it is called, just made a mess of the nVidia settings every time I tried to do anything with it. It was extra software and not necessary so I just uninstalled it but that is a few hours of my life I will never get back.

I would like to get one of Matrox's 1 lane PCI-E video cards and try that out to see if it is any better now. As soon as I win big on the lottery that is first on my list.
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