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Default Iphone 4S.... Failure or Genius?

I really expected apple to bring out an iPhone 5 with some kind of innovative new features today, but all we see is the 4S. It appears to simply be the iPhone 4 upgraded with an A5 chip, 8MP camera and some new software... Apple (Canada) - iPhone 4S - The most amazing iPhone yet.

I wonder if apple is going to begin losing even more of it's market share to the handful of Android phones that spec out the same (or better) than their new flagship phone? I can't see any reason to buy one of these over say, an SG2, EVO, Bionic, or Sensation... I believe that apple's only saving grace is going to be brand loyalty AKA fanboys. Then again, maybe they have some tricks up their sleeve, but are saving them until they see some kind of eceonomic recovery and an opportunity for some major sales? Could be a long wait if that's the case.
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