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My System Specs


Yah, its not about how high, its how high can you go till your not comfortable with the voltage. I don't own a 2600k but I know that for the lga1155 platform its the way to go. I wont settle for anything less than an x58 or the new 2011 coming out soon. I personally would not put more than 1.44 into mine. At this point, I think your lowering the life of the cpu. But think about this: a 40% overclock, which is usually safe for the life span of the cpu with decent cooling, is a big improvement. I like what perineum said. Thats sound about right for a 2600k from what I have herd and read. I would aim for that. What I would focus on after that is getting some @2000 or 1866 memory. Bring it up to specs or a little beyond, and your kicking some serious but!!!. Then, SSD's for boot. That will speed up your system
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