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Personally, I think this goes to show how desperate some people are about owning the latest Apple device. From an unbiased media perspective, this is nothing but a massive cash grab on Apple's part as the "4S" brings absolutely nothing new to the table other than a bump in processing power. Most of the improvements are iOS related and should be available for the iPhone 4 as well. Plus, with current and upcoming ARM chips, TI's new dual core (and supposedly tri core) architecture, Samusng's Exynos and NVIDIA's Kal El, this thing is already underpowered and will be thoroughly outclassed in less than three months.

As for the exterior, I can see why they didn't fix what isn't broken but personally, I would have liked to see some changes to the finishes. The iPhone 4 is a horribly fragile device and that needs to change IMO.

With all of that being said, it does look like a good phone that's a tad overpriced. I can see this being an excellent option for someone who DOESN'T currently own an iPhone 4 but if you have a 4 and go out and buy one of these, you've been drinking Apple's cool aid for a bit too long...
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