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My System Specs


I'll be able to get it for $200 by renewing my contract so i most likely will get one, and give my iPhone 4 to the wife (who wants an iPhone).

She may then sell her Samsung Galaxy S.

The dual core processor does not seem like a big deal yet as the current iPhone does not lag for me at all. I like the upgraded antennas and maybe the camera (once I see it in the real world). The extra megapixels don't interest me, but Apple promises better low-light performance. As it is, the iPhone camera takes better pictures than my wife's Galaxy S, so I am hoping the camera promises are kept.

Other than that, this phone is no big deal, especially if you look at the current Android offerings. I certainly would not spend more than the $200 (minus what I can get for the Galaxy S used) I will be dishing out though. Its a good phone, but a tough upgrade to justify for most based on the current iPhone 4.
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