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I've used most on the market and the best I have ever used was the now discontinued Asus U3S6 card. IMHO NEC > everything else.

DL the latest drivers and firmware from here for your evga card:
SONY/NEC/RENESAS Drivers & Firmwares

Could be as simple as old drivers installed. I would install them. THEN go into device manager and uninstall it. Reboot and THEN re-install the drivers to make sure the new ones are being used. THEN upgrade the firmware. IF it still does it, yank and update the firmware on a dif rig.
I too did have a Seagate branded card (IIRC) do something similar. I yanked it, updated the firmware on different system and it was right as rain afterwords in the original system. Could literally be a case of older firmware not working properly with your mobo.
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