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Default Best USB3 PCIe Card?

I originally had one of these which was free from TigerDirect: EVGA | Products which is NEC-based.

And then I recently bought this: - SYBA USB 3.0 PCI-e Card with HDD Power Connector (3 + 1 Ports) Model SD-PEX20080 which is VIA-based.

Neither work. The EVGA one won't even detect my WD My Passport 1TB USB3 drive. The Syba one at least detects it but only temporarily. Any large file transfers, it just randomly dies and becomes undetectable until I restart. It seems to be able to handle small file transfers though.

I don't believe the drive itself is faulty though since it's fine on USB2 and works fine on the NEC-based USB3 in my Samsung QX412 laptop. That does have a newer firmware though than my EVGA card. I've tried to flash the EVGA card, but the installer just spirals out of control spawning non-stop cmd processes which ends up eating up all 12GB of RAM until my computer becomes unusable.

Do I just have really bad luck with hardware? Or do you think it's related to Windows?
Either way, what cards have you had success with (if any)?
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