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As per my post in watercooling, have an H80 on it now.

4.5 and 4.7 were easy as pie at relatively low voltages. 4.8 is proving more challenging, I can surf all day at 1.395 vcore + turbo enabled, LLC level 6, but it fails P95. Still learning about a few of the bios/power management settings.....I'm reasonably confident this is a 5.0-5.1 cpu, depending on how hot I want to run it or how much fan noise I want to put up with. Highest I've seen, with my vcore 1.425 and a full load on is a momentary spike to 68C, 66C is the spike temp @ 1.395.

My main concern is that, with LLC at 6, the idle vcore is MUCH higher than the, if set at 1.395 it'll idle along at 1.440 with the odd momentary spike at, this is at 30-32C and with the cpu clocked down (C1 state?) reading 1595MHz, so I'm not panicked about it, but LLC 6 seems to be required for stability at this point. Load vcore reports 1.428 fluctuating with 1.416....but if I go to LLC5, the fluctuations go below the set vcore, and it fails P95 much sooner. I had it stable at 1.410 vcore LLC 6, but the idle spike at 1.488 motivated me to see if it would pass at a lower vcore.

Still tweaking. Haven't touched the RAM yet, it's on 'auto' at 1333 1.5v though it is rated 1866 1.65v.
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