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Default Can I output 2x VGA from a video card that has DVI, HDMI, DP?

This is a question from DrShortizzle:

I have 2 VGA monitors with a graphics card that has DVI, HDMI, and Display Port. My graphics card came with a DVI to VGA converter, and it works fine. My problem is how do I connect the other monitor?

I've looked at getting a HDMI to VGA adapter cable for around $4.00 off of ebay, or getting a DVI splitter and then getting another DVI to VGA adapter.

What's my best option?
I think you actually might be out of luck. HDMI and DP are both purely digital connections, so without an intermediary conversion box of some sort, they cannot be adapted to VGA. DVI has both digital and analogue pins, but a DVI splitter will not be splitting out the analogue pins in all likelihood, and is probably only useful for cloning the output anyhow...

I could be wrong here, but I think your best option with be an EVGA UV Plus or something like that.
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