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Cool EVGA Time Zone Challenge contest invite

Just so we don't forget you guys you are welcome to come over to EVGA and join in our fun

Since we had so much fun at the chimp... we extend a hand outward in hopes to build a vibrant community
(maybe convince a few to fold here on a regular basis...maybe earn some EVGA bucks's always a hope)

the only thing is you fold for our team during the competition

The Time zone challenge is coming up and the two main give away prizes are two BIGADV folding machines
Both 2600k Sandy bridge bigadv rigs

All of the parts generously donated by our membership over here at EVGA

the parts will be shipped to the winner..and of course we will want pics of the build as you build it in the forum
hopefully post it at mod rigs at EVGA too

I don't know the exact start date yet - but in about 3 weeks

I don't know the rules until then wait till you can read them

if you feel this is too much...for another team to come into the forum and entice users away
feel free to remove...
we don't want to steal your folders just know that you are welcome during contests and to post there
(many probably earn EVGA bucks anyways)

Maybe we can work together with other teams to come up with more competitions thru the year as well

[H] come over regularly now... just be friendly and don't rake mud

I myself fold on two teams EVGA and NVidia U2U

keep tabs on this link
www evga com/forums/tm.aspx?m=1252785&mpage=1#1252785

here's the list of parts (of which two folding machines can be built)
there may be additional smaller prizes(single part prizes) depending on the generosity of our members

Case: Tech station by Lu 523
690 II Advanced or Storm Enforcer by Halo_003 (depending on what he has at that time)
HAF 932 by Horvat
PSU: 750W Ultra by Lu523
Corsair hx 650 (donor wants to remain anonymous)
Corsair AX 750 W by yeenoghu

ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution by Barbarossa

Gigabyte GAZ68X- UD3P by JChatterton
CPU: i7 2600k by Dutchforce (x2)

CPU Cooler: Corsair hydro series cooler by Dutchforce

EVGA Superclock Cooler by KODY

RAM: 2 x2 GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600 by Barbarossa
2 x 2GB Corsair XMS DDR3 by Zophar
GPU: Geforce 210 by Firestarter (x2 if needed)
unspecified ATI card by Asus939
PNY 9500 GT by dvast8n
Harddrive: 320 GB Laptop HDD by JChatterton
160 GB HDD ny Lu523
Optical Drive: 417jmf ASUS DVD burners
OS: Ubuntu or Linuxrouters image-> both free of charge
5channel fan controller by Drougnor
case fans and fan controller by hutt8400
cash donations for parts/shipping: yeenoghu , Firestarter, Dutchforce, Mr Ash (100$ parts/shipping)
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