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Default How high can I overclock *

This is a question from WoWkiddymage:

yo what ratecan i clock an i7 2600k w/ an h80 liquid cooler?
I'll answer this question in general terms since it comes up so often that I will probably end up making this post a sticky and then directing others who ask the same thing to it.

Overclocking performance is never as simple as "how much will I get with this CPU+motherboard or this CPU+cooler. Many components including power supply, motherboard, cooling, CPU, and RAM can affect overclocking.

In addition, even buying the right hardware doesn't guarantee anything. Two people can build the exact same machine as each other and one of them might be good for a 30% overclock, while the other might be good for a 5% overclock.

No one will be able to tell you anything other than what they were able to achieve in SIMILAR circumstances, so instead of asking "How high will I be able to overclock with this hardware", you should post on a couple forums and ask "How high were others able to overclock [insert piece of hardware here] and what components were used?"
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