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Default BAttlefield 3 low FPS - Need advice

guys i need some feedback...I started playing the beta without the updated drivers and was only getting 20 to 30 fps. I built my new pc tobe able to max outthe games i play bf3 d3 and sc2 so i wasnt happy. Then i went searching and found the new drivers I installed them and had a great couple of games getting 50 to 60 outside the metro and 70 to high 80s. Here's where something weird happens... the next day i play again and notice that my frames are now 30 to 40 outside and 40 to max 50 in the metro!

I havent changed anything... I tried reloading the drivers and no luck. Any feedback guys?

My setup is:

2500k @ 4.5
gskill 8gb 1600 9-9-9-24
asus p8z68
asus 6950 2gb flashed to 6970 at 880/1350
resolution is 1080p
hdd is a 7300k hitachi deskstar

After checked the other threads i noticed that lots of ppl are running the game with 50fps consistently on lower end pcs.

Also i checked the following link provided in the specs thread for bf3:

and it seems many ppl are getting over 60-70 fps with my setup.... is there anything I should do to optimize my setup?

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