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Default Parent's new build, feedback appreciated

It's looking like my folk's old system is starting to go. They are having problems with their rear port USB Ports, sign that the 6+ year old Pentium D system is nearing its final life cycle. Not bad for a sub 500$ system. They also previously had their psu fan rattling and making noises until it fixed itself, who knows.

Discussing with them their options, they'd rather me build and set up the machine myself (with legal copy of Windows 7 I have) and mail it to them then buy it from say dell (as it'll be at least 150$ more from them) or even having ncix assemble the parts together and ship it to them.

I've told them setting up windows would be easy, and that I could remote into their current computer and download from MSDNAA a copy of windows 7, burn it to DVD and then talk them through the easy process to install windows but they'd rather me do it.

With that said I've been mulling over a couple of builds for them and was wondering which would be better for them, seeing as they want to get the most for their money and not spend a ton.

What they want to (and currently) use their computer:
Web browsing
Basic photo editing with photoshop
Editing drawings in Autocad (this is new with my dad's new work contract)
Watch HD video from family gathering recorded by my uncle on his hd camcorder.

Two possible builds:
Build 1:
Offer them my htpc build at a rather reduced cost to them (unknown current worth but I can't give it to them as they won't accept it for free)
Intel Pentium Dual Core G620
Corsair 4GB DDR3 RAM
Gigabyte H67 motherboard
Silverstone Grandia GD05B
Corsair 400W PSU
ASUS Radeon HD 5450 Silent Edition (its able to do 1080p playback)

Its very silent which I know they'd enjoy
I'd need to buy still:
500GB hard drive (they can't even fill up a 80GB hdd they have now)

Build 2:
Mushkin Enhanced Silverline Stiletto 4GB
Intel Core i3 2100
Corsair 430W PSU
Coolermaster Elite 370 Black Mid Tower ATX Case
500GB Hard Drive

Input greatly appreciated on the two builds, to see which would more suit their needs.
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