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Originally Posted by ilya View Post
Processors are a lot more resilient than most people realize. Running at 1.32v vs 1.4v won't reduce the lifespan in any noticeable to the end user, most overclockers will have sold the chip or thrown it away well before the increased voltage has killed it. (as long as temps are under control) That's not to say pumping voltage to the limits is practical at all, increasing clock speed will increase heat and power consumption in a linear fashion. However, increasing voltage usually increases the two in an exponential fashion, so it's simply more practical to run at the lowest stable voltage for your target overclock.
Not quite linearly actually, as when you increase the amount of voltage going through the chip, you increase the amount of parasitic capacitance and inductance with the chip and its external pins (what we see). You get too much build up of this and it can kill a chip or cause clocks to be unstable.. That said its typically low enough that it's not noticeable unless its mapped over years of the chip, just saying that's the other reason.
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