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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Borg View Post
I think price will be about the same. Unless there are some price reductions by the time I'd buy, they seem like $135 to $150 with $150 generally the price for comparable motherboards.

Were your product/support issues with motherboards?

I know MSI has a support forum and Asrock doesn't, AFAIK. I would be surprised if MSI wasn't helpful if one was using the forum. It would be bad public relations but then I feel there isn't really a company that is far and above anyone else. One can find horror stories with any company.

However, if there is a tendency for bad support or a pattern, then I'd be very wary of going with a particular brand.

I choose MSI and Asrock since there generally seems to be adequate reviews, the prices are lower than Asus and Gigabyte for similar/comparable boards and like I said, there's a few feature/chipset issues.

For Z68 boards, Asus doesn't support vt-d as far as I know even though it's supposed to be permissable via the BIOS with the right cpu. Also, I use Linux and Asus uses a usb 3.0 chipset brand that is not supported. My other complain, while minor, is justifiable, imho, is that there's a lot of people who have issues with their boards. I think it's just that they're a big company with so many boards so the QC needs to improve. Perhaps, they cut a few corners, too.

Asrock seems to get decent reviews and seem to include most features for under $200 so I have included their boards as an option.

MSI has the forum, the vt-d support, a better USB 3.0 chipset than other mobo manufacturers and possibly decent overall quality plus the UEFI BIOS (Asrock does as well). I can't comment about any of the negatives or support since I haven't had any MSI products yet.
I had two major sets of issues myself.

The first is going back a ways to the P965 NEO days, which resulted in me going through 3 boards, spending quite a bit on shipping bad boards back...getting a lot of new stuff to troubleshoot, and in the end on the 4th board I had it last for a few years (ironically it just died lol).
IT was akin to pulling teeth with there CS, and caused me much frustration but such is the way sometimes with companies (that being said, so far out of all board failures only MSI has been a struggle to get help).

I gave them the benifit of the doubt and opted for 3 builds using their 790FX-GD70 boards. 2 of 3 were DOA so I could go to the store to get replacements, which helped. But 1 more failed after just 4 months. And they refused to RMA it with me for the longest time, up to the point of accusing me of breaking the board...yes they went that far.
I did eventually get an RMA after a lot of diplomatic emails to them.
After that I just gave up. I know they can be helpful , I know people have been helped by them. I just lost faith in them, and a few of my friends who loved MSI (I did too even before the NEO boards) lost their faith in the quality of that company.

Now, I have never owned ASrock. For the longest time they had a bad rap from stories and such I read on the net. But lately they have really sharpened up their product lineup and such so it is always worth a shot.

If I honestly had to choose? My order of Companies goes:

ASUS/Gigabyte (love em both)
EVGA (though with recent restructring of their MB development team that might change)
Intel Boards
FoXconn (if you can find them)


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