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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Coin toss really for me.
I have actually started to hear good things about ASrock these days (Don't get me wrong, their CSR's used to be horrible).

However I stopped buying MSI after their support team and product issues forced me to out of pocket a few times now. And there are quite a few people I know now who didn't like them.

That being side if you look at a deisgn standpoint , both have very temtping prodcuts on their high end units. So from a features standpoint, which ever one you can find cheaper.

I think price will be about the same. Unless there are some price reductions by the time I'd buy, they seem like $135 to $150 with $150 generally the price for comparable motherboards.

Were your product/support issues with motherboards?

I know MSI has a support forum and Asrock doesn't, AFAIK. I would be surprised if MSI wasn't helpful if one was using the forum. It would be bad public relations but then I feel there isn't really a company that is far and above anyone else. One can find horror stories with any company.

However, if there is a tendency for bad support or a pattern, then I'd be very wary of going with a particular brand.

I choose MSI and Asrock since there generally seems to be adequate reviews, the prices are lower than Asus and Gigabyte for similar/comparable boards and like I said, there's a few feature/chipset issues.

For Z68 boards, Asus doesn't support vt-d as far as I know even though it's supposed to be permissable via the BIOS with the right cpu. Also, I use Linux and Asus uses a usb 3.0 chipset brand that is not supported. My other complain, while minor, is justifiable, imho, is that there's a lot of people who have issues with their boards. I think it's just that they're a big company with so many boards so the QC needs to improve. Perhaps, they cut a few corners, too.

Asrock seems to get decent reviews and seem to include most features for under $200 so I have included their boards as an option.

MSI has the forum, the vt-d support, a better USB 3.0 chipset than other mobo manufacturers and possibly decent overall quality plus the UEFI BIOS (Asrock does as well). I can't comment about any of the negatives or support since I haven't had any MSI products yet.
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