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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Hate to tell you vinister but PC gamers are a SMALL portion of the OS marketplace. MS thought that they could shove the DRM crapware down our throats by making DX10 "Vista Only". Unfortuntaly, they forgot to realize that for the cost of Vista Ultimate a gamer could go by a Wii....which most gamers did (excluding hardcore bleeding edgers). What is sinking VISTA is not home users not switching its the fact that Big Business is taking a pass on it. THAT is where the $$$ is and no Big Business accountant will sign off on dual (or quads) w/ 4GB of RAM so that the proles can have the same experience as they did with their Single Core Celrons w/512MB ram. There is a very good reason Vista unofficial tag line is "Windows XP: Turtle Edition" ;)
Quad (or Dual) w/ 4 GB of RAM on Vista is WAY faster than a Celeron w/ 512 MB using XP ... More like high-end single-core Athlon w/ 2 GB under XP ... Of course, not including CPU or RAM intensive apps like games, high-res photo/video editing, etc.
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