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Default Considering tritton

Thanks kill switch for the reply. And thank you for the worm welcome. I was invited by Linus and I am really pleased with my stay here already.
I have looked at those tritton headsets, every last one of them. I have looked at just about every last headset manufacturer in the milky way galaxy. Those AX Pro's are really nice, as well as the CODBO special edition ones are TRITTON Technologies Inc. They just have one problem: no talkback.
At least their website doesn't say they do. However, I like the point that Linus made about the adapter. Though I'm thinking of something a little different, if the connectors coming from the headset are analog (3.5mm) Im thinking I might be able to somehow mix the mic out from the headset, with audio in to the headset. Sounds crazy I know, and Im not sure I explained it to well either. But in short, I could mix the audio and have the mic audio feed back to the headset. Creating a sort of.....virtual talkback feature. The AX pro's and the other I provided a link to are on the top of my list. I hope I can make this work somehow. I do need to know now what connectors are coming from the headset. If I do this mixing thing, They got to be analog I suspect. I'll be doing more research and thanks so much for the help. I appreciate anymore assistance I might be able to get.
Sorry for the long message, I tried to shorten it really I did.
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