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My System Specs


I'll be frank. It's hard to recommend an investment in Socket F at this point. It's a dead platform. Yes it's true that the PPD/$ ratio is excellent with that platform. But know that the S4985 is a finicky board, and buying one without Tyan warranty support is risky. Honestly, DP/MP is not something you want to get into halfheartedly. My recommendation would be to take some time to save up some cash for a G34 or C32 platform. The secondhand market will soon be flooded with MC processors once Interlagos and Valencia make their long-awaited appearance.

By the way CM - I managed to sell my 8354's and 8356's. Had to take 'em to the 'bay to do it, though. Sold the 8354's for $10 less apiece than I paid for them, but sold the 8356's for $12.50 more apiece than I paid for them!

Okay, now I'll be susan.
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