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Default Looking for Surround Xbox 360 Headphones that also feature talkback (mic monitoring)

This is a question from groundwire123:

I have seen every video you have done on unboxings and reviews of your headsets. I am and have been looking for a headset for my xbox 360 and pc for many months now. Two things are a must. It must be surround. and it must have talkback (mic monitoring). I have still not found a clear answer to the following: Can you really get true surround out of 2 single 50mm drivers in a headset? these guys claim that you can. XBOX 360 Wireless Headset Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound | Ear Force XP500 | Turtle Beach.
Second, if you can't, do you know of a headset that has true surround and talkback? I can't find one. I really appreciate you reading this bro.
From your number one subscriber, groundwire123

by the way, since their is now going to be a us ncix store, i'll be ordering a lot from their for now on
I've got two things to say here that you're probably not going to like...

1. No, true surround sound cannot be produced from two speakers next to your ears. There are software layers that can be added to make it sound kinda surroundey, but it's not surround sound. Honestly if directionality is what you're after, a good pair of headphones will deliver that without the extra surround effects. Some people get some benefit from software surround, but many (myself included) just find it distracting.

2. I'm not much of a headphone expect. I know most of the PC headsets fairly well, but when it comes to console stuff I'm out of my element :(

Maybe someone else on the boards has an opinion to share on this subject?
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