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Ah yes....

The duallies question . I can help. I've run dual monitors for nearly 10 years.(I'll never run a single again ever!!)

The very first piece of advice I will give , is to not bother trying to run 2 monitors from 1 video card.It might be capable of it , but you are doubling the pixle count the video card needs to drive, and this will affect gaming a lot.

Before I start yammering on about stuff , lets define some terms.

The Primary Video Card is your best video card.....the one you use for gaming.On the same token , your best monitor (the biggest,best one) is the Primary Monitor . Windows may or may not set it up this way , so you have to pay attention.

The secondaries are self explanitory.

Depending on what slot your primary video card goes into , this is the Primary'll need this for BIOS.

Spanning mode is where the total image is 'spanned' across all monitors.



Best way to set up duallies , is to run 2 video cards.Period.

The second monitor ( the way I generally run it) will never run's just a toolbar you can run a dirt cheap card.I use a 50 $ PCI card...It doesnt matter what it is , it just matters how you set it up.

Here's the caveat ;

By using this method , you are letting windows do the screen 'splitting' .This is the correct method really , but in my experience it's (still to this day) kinda flakey...Here's what I mean ;

For some reason , it never seems to work the same way twice.I've done 3 generations of upgrades with duallies , and there is always a quirk installing em for the first time.Technically , you should install the primary card and primary monitor only for windows install , then add the secondaries after.

However , I found with one install , I had to install the PCI card before the AGP then manually switch them........


My latest Rig has a new quirk (PCIe 8800GTX and PCI cheepo) ..

It didn't usta matter what brand on card it was.

With this rig , it will not allow me to run an ATI card as a secondary even....but I only needed to install 1 set of drivers once I put in a cheepo Nvidia card....

Odder yet , They behave differently sometimes.....the 'spanning feature' in windows will vary greatly depending on what driver sets are being used.They also can alter how 3d apps work (like 3d screen savers)....

Lastly , don't expect to be able to use all games and yer desktop at the same time.....some work some don't , you'll hafta learn which.That's what alt-tab is for.


So once you get both monitors working correctly in spanning mode , you can put the windows start bar on either.

Good luck man.

Spend the 50$ and learn how to do it .you won't regret it.

I LOVE my duallies (2x19" LCD's right now).

Supermicro X11DPi-NT:2x Xeon Gold 6144's:Lots more other stuff.Dual 4k monitor video .
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