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My System Specs


Originally Posted by CoolHandL View Post
3.0 thanks for the input

MARSTG thanks for the input,

Ive used both, high end Noctua air coolers and the Cheap Cooler-master Hyper 212+s and when the Hyper has 2 fans in a push pull it kicks some ass.

To be honest I'm looking at 3.0's Deux, It seems like a great combo, and for $981+tax for the CPU, Motherboard and Ram (since i have 2 Hyper 212+ and a PSU and A spare HDD or Two), its attainable with putting some cash aside. who knows with BD release the 6128 might come down a little.

(I'm strapped because 2 of my best friends decided to get engaged and married this year (1 a six month engagement the other a year), so that's 2 stags and 2 destination weddings + Gifts. tapped me out a bit and by a bit i mean a lot!)
I believe you'll have to jerry-rig the 212+ to fit the G34 socket.
Hydro-Quebec is salivating...
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