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My System Specs


my foray into this subject proved that at the moment a cheap dedicated machine that can process -bigadv, the best producer, would not be cheaper than 350$, and that is with used hardware. Cheapest route is a dual LGA 771 mobo, you can try ebay for a used HP XW mobo, a pair of matching quad core xeons, and at least 4 GB ram. other route is core i7 920, lga 1366 mobo, 4 GB ram, and very good cooler in order to ovc the hell out of the i7. I7 920 can be had on ebay for around 180, mobo is at least 100$ and 6 GB of ram would be around 50. If you are lucky you can get the combo for around 300$ but you would still need an excellent cooler, Noctua or Xigmatek which are at least 50$, so again nothing before 350$. you can consider GPU folding, GTS 450 is the best PPD/watt producer, or some old 8800GT/9800GT/GTX/GTX+/GTS 250/GTX260 cards. also GTX 460 and so on. Ati cards fare less in PPD production.

you could also try the new SB Xeons, the E3 1230@3.2GHz is 240$ on take a cheap LGA 1155 mobo and some ram and you are set. But again we come at the 350$ threshold.

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