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Default 2500+ OC - Ongoing Experience

Rig in sig. It's early days, I just picked up the rig last night. Still figuring out the bios & tweaking. Still on stock cooler, as I was going to pick up an H100 but they are on recall...I'll either wait it out or pick up a different solution.

So far....I've only ramped it up to 4.0, due to lack of time/just starting out, + stock cooler. Still have the RAM at 1333, have not enabled XMP yet. Just ran 3DM11 as a basis of comparison with my other system, i7 920 (C0, not a great overclocker) @ 3.60, vid card at stock out of the box clocks. I know 3DM is more a measure of vid card performance, but I honestly thought a 2500+ at 4.0 would put a significant beating on the 920 @ 3.6, plus given I am running RAID0 on faster hardrives and SATA3, vs the 920 system which has SATA2 and 1 older HD. Not true...the 920 @ 3.6 gives P6459, the 2500+ stock gives P6281, the 2500+ @ 4.0 gives P6495. I haven't yet had time to run other benchmarks which may or may not show the 2500+ in better light.

Lots of tweaking left to explore, so not a complaint just an observation. There's lots of clock left in the 2500+ at this point, I'm still stock voltage and even with the stock cooler there's a bit of headroom as load temps are just under 70. More to follow.
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