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Default How is the 200 Nvidia series GPU running for everyone?

Hey everyone,
I currently own two gaming rigs, but I am wondering when to uprgrade according to your experiences. One rig has two gtx280's in SLI with 8gigs of ddr3 RAM, and Core i5 750. The lower end system has two gtx 260's in SLI with 8gigs of ddr3 RAM, and a Core i3 550. Both CPU's are OC'd approx 600MHz faster than stock clock.

When do you think these cards will become obsolete? I personally get the highest FPS in ALL games, and I mean ALL games as opposed to the haters who love to promote the new Nvidia 400 and 500 lines. Two 260's in SLI at HIGH graphics still prove 35-50ish fps in batman arkham asylum. I personally dont see alot of bang for buck with DX11 cards. DX10 still seems beautiful for the middle class like myself. How about you boy's?

Is the 260/280+ series still a very potent card? or are these cards starting to become an 8800 benchmark card of the 2006ish-2007ish era? I love this card series boyyyyzzz

Thanks guys,

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