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Default My computer smells kinda weird, but my temperature sensors are reading normal

This is a question from futureechoes1:

Hey linustechtips i have a question for you regarding my pc, I've noticed recently that theres a warm metal smell coming from my pc, this has been going on for awhile now. It isnt a burning smell just a warm component smell, i've checked all my temps and there fine so i was just wondering if this can be normal or if theres something i need to check out. Its more noticable after gaming.

Thanks for your help, really looking forward to future bulldozer vids, any idea when it will be released?
This is interesting. Brand new components have a fairly distinct "new PCB" smell, but if your system is still smelling kinda weird a long time down the road, something may be running warm.

Don't forget that besides checking temperature sensors, there's always the good 'ol fashioned "touch it and see if it's hot" technique. Just make sure you are properly grounded before touching areas like the back of your CPU socket or chipset heatsinks.
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