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Default What's better for games, i5 2400 + 6950 or i5 2500k + 6850?

This is a question from Rosol88:

yo i have biiiiiiiiiig problem i dont know whic setup will perform in games better i2500k and hd 6850 or i 2400 and hd 6950 please help im poor polish student i cant afford mistackes xd btw i love america !!!!!!!
I believe in "good enough CPU" with "best GPU you can afford" for any gaming rig. As long as you have a modern quad core (2400 falls into this category) and you're playing at a reasonable resolution (1080p), then you'll get more benefit from a better video card in 90% of games.

You won't be able to overclock the 2400 if it gets too slow for you in the future, but you'll have to decide if that trade-off is worthwhile for better performance now.
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