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Originally Posted by Supergrover View Post
But the 6970 will downclock to the 6950 specs, faster card will always clock to the slowest one, another thing to note with a Crossfire/SLI setup is you are limited to the lowest amount of ram on a card, so a 1gb 6950 and a 2gb 6950 will only use 1gb in Crossfire. SLI is the same.
Another thing to note is that when you crossfire or sli you do not then total the two cards vRam and say thats how much you have. You only have as much video ram as the lowest card that you have. If you have say 2 580 1.5GB, that means each card has 1.5GB of memory it can use, but you now have two cards performing the graphics computations rather then one, resulting in increased performance.
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