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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Linus View Post
Unfortunately you can only set up SLI between cards with the same GPU configuration.

For example, you can configure 2x GTX 580 in SLI even if one of them is MSI and the other one is EVGA, but you cannot configure them in SLI if one is GTX 580 and one is GTX 570.

CrossfireX is a little bit more flexible. As long as they are built on the same architecture, they can run in CrossfireX. For example, a 6990 can run with a 6970 in 3-way CrossfireX, and a 6970 can run with a 6950 in 2-way CrossfireX.
But the 6970 will downclock to the 6950 specs, faster card will always clock to the slowest one, another thing to note with a Crossfire/SLI setup is you are limited to the lowest amount of ram on a card, so a 1gb 6950 and a 2gb 6950 will only use 1gb in Crossfire. SLI is the same.

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