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Default What do the SC, SSC, and FTW suffixes mean on EVGA video cards?

This is a question from greginatof:

Hi Linus my name is Gabriel iam from Brazil, and i watched all of your videos its very cool, and i want to now what means SC, SSC and FTW on EVGA graphics cards. Hey thanks for the atention. Your cats, they are very nice.
Basically that just refers to the clock speeds that EVGA sets on the card. Often EVGA has 3-5 different speed bins (more on the "binning" process in a minute) for each GPU. For example the GTX 580 GPU has the following bins:

Standard (NVIDIA reference clocks)
SC or "superclocked" (usually just a little bit overclocked)
SSC or "super super clocked" (quite overclocked)
FTW or "for the win" (maximum overclock. Usually among the highest available in the market)
Classified (always highest overclocks available, always something custom about the product like exclusive design, custom PCB or cooler)

Here's my video about the binning process which should help explain how EVGA does this:

Binning Process Explanation (NCIX Tech Tips #72) - YouTube
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