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I almost went for their Gigabyte SOC 570GTX for $407.99!?
The ASUS GTX560Ti CUII for $307.99, They are Candain Prices? Not sure what I can do, Kinda too late for anything now.
I guess I was too impatient to wait to order a GPU online. I saw it at the store and got impulsive.
I am wondering If I can flash it to a ASUS top version BIOS? Their top edition is clocked at 900Mhz out of the box.
I did run a OC last night and hit 900Mhz in about ten mins. I know I was rushing it. But with no Voltage adjustment I got to 900Mhz. temps were 70-75 C under Fur mark full load. I am hoping soo bad i can flash the BIOS to be at 900Mhz at default clocks??
System spec: Intel i7 2600k, Gigabyte GTX 570 Super Overclock, Kingston DDR3 2X4 GB sticks, ASUS P8P67 PRO, Cooler Master 700 watt PSU, 750GB*2 Sata,SATA III 1TB HDD Acer 24 Widescreen, Antec 300, Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
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