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edit - Left you hanging with the short answer there for a bit. The long answer is that when completing work units with a bonus factor (which includes all bigadv and regular SMP units), the rate at which the points go up is exponentially inverse to TPF. As such, on faster machines, the difference between a few seconds of TPF can mean hundreds if not thousands of PPD. The difference between a stock 2600 and a 2600k at, say 4.5-ish would be significantly more than a few seconds in TPF.

Take a look at this thread for instance: 2600K folding rig and PPD numbers

A 2600k at 3.4 does about 30k PPD on a P6900 bigadv unit, whereas one at 4.5 does about 45k PPD. That's 50% faster. And that's definitely worth the extra smidge of coin.
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