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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
I've done another 'trick' that I learned from an old hardware guru when I worked at the comp shop in my teen years that may help explain this;

Much like the bad nvidia chipsets soldering ROHS fiasco of about 4 (?) years ago, sometimes it seems it could be a heat/solder/pcb issue. We would take a can of compressed air, do the upsidedown method to chill the main chipset on the HDD off and get data off that way. This probably worked (guestimate) 70-80% of the time on freshly dead drives to get some or all of the data off. It could also explain the freezer method to some extent.

As to the condensation problem mentioned, arnt drives airtight/vacuumed? I always assumed they would be under a vacuum to help reduce friction/drag and spinup times.

Edit: Forgot my disclaimer;

I actually have deep freeze spray for just that reason. It has a place in science , and anyone worth their weight and owning a rework station (I have two , both Hakko) knows to keep a can of that as it can help you sort out where the problem is.


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