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This is a comment (sorry Ben, the word "question" is part of my template for these posts. I didn't mean anything by it) from BenYourBritishFriend. I have removed some sections of it that are more personal and less related to the topic at hand. He of course has the option of registering here to submit his post in its entirety:

Hmmm ... your response is both polite and curious at the same time. Unfortunately, it's also biased in your favour, as you chose to leave out the video that I attached at the bottom of my message to you, which clearly showed details of why your method is a bad and unreliable idea, by a Computer Specialist at a Computer repair centre in the US. By doing so, you inferred that my information was solely from my own experience, which suited yourself well.

You only gave the information that you wanted them to have, leaving out anything that didn't work in your favour.

In the interests of fairness and un-biased information, will you now show the video that I attached in my first message to you?

Just in case you've forgotten which video it was, here it is again, attached below. Perhaps you could actually WATCH that video this time, as well ? ... Oh, and to correct you on your initial statement, my message to you was AT NO TIME ever a question. In fact, there aren't even any qestion marks in my first message to you. You should read it again.
Dispelling the myth of Freezer Based Hard Drive Data Recovery - YouTube

Thanks for re-sending the video link. I forgot to post it in the first one. It would have been better for you to reply to the thread with the link to the video.

As for your insinuation that I'm hanging you out to dry with my internet buddies, let me assure you that out of the two people who have replied to this thread, at least one of them is NOT inherently on my side. He would have no problem telling me I'm wrong, and it goes both ways :p

Please do not submit any further replies on this topic to me via YouTube as I am transitioning away from using that at all, and I will only be monitoring HWC private messages and this sub-section of the forum for questions/comments that pertain to me or my YouTube show.
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