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It all depends on what kind of "dead" the HDD is. It wont work if the r/w heads slammed into the platters (aka "cow belling") it wont work if the PCB or part on the PCB are fried (esd, power surge...just crappy part dieing etc). It basically only works on drives that have had their arms stick or other similar issues where the sudden drop in temp and then shot of power as it is powered up "unsticks" it. Even then its damaged goods and cant be trusted to work very they usually REstick or die from temp shock related probs.

TL;DR....Nothing is guaranteed. Its a dead drive. IF you know it didnt cow bell and the pcb has been swapped out with the exact same part and it still doesnt work....whats the harm? Cant make a dead drive "more dead". YMMV.
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