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My System Specs

Default Im looking to Fold 24/7, Need help with Hardware

Ive been planning on folding full time for a wile now.

My Main rig is folding when I'm not using it (only when I'm at work)
Q6600 + 5870 + 8GB Ram

I have a HTPC that i fold with when its not in use
Phenom 945 + 6850 + 4Gb Ram

Home Server uses Windows Home Server, i couldn't get F@H to work, its a dual core storage box anyways.

Neither of these are huge producers, but every little bit counts. during the chimp challenge i had these two plus my bedroom htpc (zotac Ion N330) folding 24/7

But id rather have a dedicated Folding Machine that i can run 24/7 that produces. I have practically no budget, so im looking for recommendations on cheap / Used hardware. I can scrounge up some cash but it will be piece by piece. Dual CPU would be great, quad even better. Any Master Folders upgrading and looking to unload Hardware? Any suggestions would be good, I have no preference between Blue or Red as you can see by my above machines.

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