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Default GTX 590 vs HD 6990 and explanation of 4-way SLI vs 3-way SLI

This is a question from MyToghrul:

Hello.. I just want to ask something?? my motherboard is g1.assassin.. and i want to buy graphic card.. Which one is good? GTX 590 or HD 6990?? And what does it means: 4way crossfire?? 3 way SLI??
Right now for those cards it pretty much comes down to which one you can find in stock! They are both very rare. They perform very similarly, but I think I would pick the GTX 590 due to its low noise levels.

As for 4-way vs 3-way CrossfireX and SLI, that just refers to how many graphics processing units you have in your system. Here are a few example to demonstrate:

2x GTX 580 - This is 2-way SLI because each GTX 580 has a single processor on it.
3x GTX 580 - This is 3-way SLI
4x GTX 580 *very few boards support this* - This is 4-way SLI

2x GTX 590 - This is 4-way SLI because each of these graphics cards has two processors on it! The advantage is that it's cheaper than 4x GTX 580s and takes up more space, but the disadvantage is that due to the power constraints of PCIe (and cooling constraints) they are not as fast as 4 GTX 580s.
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