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My System Specs


In my opinion I would ditch is 580 DS cards and go with the regular style cards that vent out the back properly.

I would also prefer to have 2 580 cards vs one 590 as it would lead to easier troubleshooting in my opinion.

You could probably stuff all that system into a mid size case but you'll hate ever having to work on the system. A full size tower will make life easier.

Those PSUs Linus recommended are very very nice and I'd rather go with them (and I do.....) over the Coolermaster any day....

I would ditch the DVD burner and just stay with the single Bluray optical drive, then put the $20 to $30 you save on the DVD optical drive and put it towards another 8gb of RAM for a total of 16 (RAM is cheap and if you ever run out it makes your system slow, so it's cheap insurance. Some people will agree and others will disagree with this suggestion)
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